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"When I watch Samantha dance I see elegance, musicality, spinal articulation and mobility. I see a sense of humour and ability to connect with the audience, but what I see most is strength and resiliency. Seven months since her serious accident she is rising above and an even stronger mover and dancer than before. Different and more versatile. Can't wait to see what she does next! 

Dr. Cynthia Butler, California USA 

"If you are ready to learn, explore, drill, and grow as a dancer, classes with Sam are definitely for you! Apart from being this original, extremely musical performing artist, she really embraces her own teachings with a fantastic „beginner's mind“ attitude, diligence and modesty, always training, studying and expanding her knowledge about teaching, movement methods, the body – she just never seems to stop! In every workshop I've attended, Sam had something new for me to take home: a cool new isolation combo, a snippet of elegant choreo, an efficient stretch, a breathing exercise, a new way of keeping track of my training, an anatomical insight... the list could go on forever. As a teacher, Sam is calm and competent, analytic, patient, kind, and hilariously funny (as is her choice of music!), and she gives you the tools you need to go home and improve your own training. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or have just begun your dance journey, you will always get hours of material to practise from Sam's classes."

Simone, Zurich

"J'ai eu la chance de suivre des cours réguliers avec Samantha. J'ai pu bénéficier d'un enseignement très bienveillant, précis et créatif. L'échauffement, la préparation à la danse sont techniques et de grande qualité. Samantha nous guide vers le bon geste grâce à ses connaissance approfondies en anatomie. Puis vient le temps de la danse avec l'étude de combos et de chorégraphie. Sam possède un style contemporain, musical, très construit et graphique qu'il est passionnant de découvrir et de faire sien. C'est un grand privilège que d'avoir Samantha comme professeur. Elle est une véritable inspiration."

Marie-Pierre Lods, Macon, France 

"Samantha is a teacher that I learned with for years and years, which really has influenced my development as a dancer and teacher. I keep coming back to her workshops until this day. Her teaching concepts are clever, clear, innovative and fun. As a dancer she shows extraordinary and explicit taste for movement, movement quality and musicality. Her dance style is a strong voice in the choir of this art form and I am grateful to know her as one of my closest teachers."

Josefine Wandel, Berlin 

"I've visited Samantha's workshops in St.Petersburg and Berlin in 2013. It was a very interesting and versatile experience. Sweaty warm up, drills, challenging dance pieces and very useful stage movement practices. I don't dance tribal fusion a lot at the moment (we use other dance forms) but I keep using everything I learned in my everyday stage life as an amateur actress and dancer. Such combined classes are the best for me as it helps to work on different aspects of a performance - stage space, contact with the audience, courage to combine different forms in one, precise and expressive movements."

Anna (Moscow)

Since I started Tribal Fusion workshops around 2002, I can say that every time I have been in Samantha´s WS there has been a before and after! They are so complete and full of new fresh input, always with new details, keeping the Tribal Fusion at it’s best but, adding her personal touch and style to it.

She is elegant, dynamic and the best for me is the fusion is always tied to the roots, never loosing them. 

Her teaching is fun, precise and diverse in teaching techniques.

This is why as I have grown into Tribal Fusion and have become a Host besides a student, I can say Samantha is one of my favorite teachers to host. Very professional in every possible way. 

DO NOT MISS HER WS IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE!!! They are 100% gold! 

Maytz Tribal Fusion Dance School, Seville Spain 

One to one online coaching: Samantha is just amazing. My body and mind enjoyed every single exercise. I regained hip and knee flexibility and mobility after only 8 days. My back is grateful. The pain (knee, hips, shoulder) slowly went away. My feet are happy feet now (and I can even wear high heeled shoes as if I was born for it!) Samantha was always present, every day, for questions, tips, watching videos of me exercising and for weekly video calls. She is the teacher, the coach, the trainer everybody should at least work with once. The eight week work out is completed but I will continue the practice and I look forward to future training with Samantha.

Anna, Germany